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“I am 50 years old and have been wanting to take yoga for YEARS, but I was intimidated by all of the different kinds of yoga available and it was difficult to know what was beginner friendly.  My friends who practice yoga all said to take a beginner class where the instructor can assist with the poses.

I came across Kindness Yoga and looked at their course offerings and then I signed up for Kind Hot Essentials.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about taking a yoga class.  Nicole is an amazing teacher and she connects with everyone in the room and by doing so, she makes everyone comfortable.  Or at least, I can say, I was very comfortable and it seemed that the others in my class were comfortable as well.  One of the best things I learned is that even if a person is not very flexible (that would be me), you can still do yoga with modifications and reap the benefits!

The series was amazing.  Nicole is an awesome teacher who listened and tended to each students’ questions, fears, breakthroughs….in other words, she met each of us where we were and guided us to where we needed to be.  If you are thinking about taking a beginner yoga class, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series!!!!…..LaFonda…..a Kind New Yoga fan!”
~LaFonda Jones

I wandered into Nicole’s class for the first time about eight months ago. I was living in a place of fear, doubt and feelings of not being capable of becoming a “yogi.” The day I happened to sign up for her class she spoke about the choice we have as humans: to live in fear or to live in love. I had walked onto my mat overwhelmed with a sense of fear and it was clear that I was meant to be in that class right at that time. She continued to unpack this idea as class went on. She spoke eloquently as if the words she spoke were poetry just flowing effortlessly out of her mouth. Every story about her own life, her “small people’s” lives, and others landed on my heart so powerfully. I can honestly say that that very first class with Nicole completely changed my yoga practice and my life. I was inspired, motivated, and encouraged all in a one hour hot yoga class. I left feeling empowered. I left knowing I was worthy and capable of being a yogi. I left deciding to commit to choosing love in my practice and in my life. When I am faced with fear now, I remember her words and choose love over fear time and time again. I have been drawn to Nicole’s class ever since then and my practice has changed significantly. She leads her students in a way unlike any other teacher I’ve had. She comes in each day with a new message and stories that will make you laugh, inspire you and leave you feeling completely energized for life. Nicole makes each and every student feel seen, heard and important. She is constantly watching every students’ alignment, making adjustments and encouraging them along the way. She leads with a playful and vibrant energy that is incredibly contagious. I have found such joy, love and happiness journeying through Nicole’s classes and continuously look forward to getting back on my mat as soon as I possibly can. She has inspired me through my practice and through my life. Nicole Hagg has done so much for my life in this short amount of time and I know others’ feel the same way. She is truly a world changer.

~Lauren-Claire Poitevent

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the class and advice on Saturday.  I qualified for Boston with 4 min to spare!  Ha ha…I really think your advice about nutrition helped the most…I went out and bought some right after class…took one at mile 10, 15, 18 and 23 I think…which I would never have done without your advice.  I felt strong coming into the finish instead of completely dilapidated.  Thank you so much for being a part of reaching my personal goals.  I won’t forget you!  Please keep me in your newsletter as I would definitely attend future courses.”
~Jackie Urbanczyk

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