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Yoga is for E V E R Y O N E plain and simple. Om-ing is not mandatory. You need not breathe into your third eye, particularly if you can’t find it. Laughter is not only NOT prohibited, but encouraged. Laughter, after all, is a deep visceral expression of who we are in a moment.

Come join RYT Nicole Hagg for her Kindness Hot 101 Series:
a Six-Week Series of Learning, Laughter and Exploration. This series celebrates and honors who you are in this moment; whether you’ve never stepped foot on a 2×6 piece of rubber mat before or are simply interested in deepening your knowledge of the fundamentals.In this course we will break down the poses of the Kindness Hot series one by one from the ground up as well as workshopping the poses in small groups. This series will give you the confidence you need to find greater comfort in a class setting or realign your existing practice. KH 101 will provide the space to ask all of those questions you may have wanted to ask, but didn’t have the opportunity to do so in class.

Come celebrate each moment; the good ones and the ones that could land you on the 6 o’clock news (theoretically, of course). That means all of you. Come as you are. No judgment. Only love.

Sundays from April 17 through May 22
2pm – 3:30pm
Kindness Yoga South Broadway
1947 S Broadway
Denver 80210Investment
$120 per participant
*20% off for Kindness Members, current Kindness teachers, and SEVA team members!
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photoDeep inside, you’ve always wanted to.  You’ve talked about it.  It’s on your bucket list.  It’s repeatedly been sighted on your vision board; the one with the curled edges.  You have it slated for “some day.”  You’re darn curious, but unsure where to start.

“Some Day” is now.

Come join Nicole Hagg, certified yogi and certifiable marathoner for a four-hour workshop, “Limitless: Yoga and the Marathon.”

Learn about the parallels and symbiosis between a consistent yoga practice and a marathon training*.  Nicole will share how to use your practice specifically to support a 26.2 mile endeavor or running of any distance in mind, body and spirit as well as offer guidance on some of the ins and outs of training for a full race such as hydration, nutrition, race fueling and gear, maintaining health during training and race-day preparations.

Come curious and with PURPOSE to a workshop that’s sure to leave your perspective shifted, your heart full of possibility and wings on your feet!

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