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mother, runner, italian lover, peaceful story tellin’ yogi
good for a show tune and a tap dance

nicole hagg, aka, “the story-tellin’ yogi” is a full-time writer and teacher who is passionate about health, fitness, and living one’s truth in spite of the plight of being human. given to a life steeped in movement, from dance to marathons to triathlons, nicole infuses her classes with clear, concise, cuing and an eye toward sustainable alignment practices.  nicole remains awed and humbled by the power and potential for transformation that a consistent yoga practice invites.  through a creative and often humorous eye, nicole’s stories spin the yarn of everyday life into the tapestry of possibility that exists in each one of us.

nicole is presently completing her 500 hour Yoga Alliance (YA) and 500 hour Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certifications.  she is honored to have studied with some of denver’s most well-respected yoga teachers including buffy barfoot, cheryl deer, jeremy wolf and kindness yoga studio director, teacher and personal mentor,
patrick harrington.

a strong believer in service as an integral part of life, nicole has had the privilege of serving on the board of directors of the delores project, denver’s largest shelter for unaccompanied adult women and presently serves on the board of directors of im’unique, a 501 c 3 dedicated to offering health and wellness resources and education to ALL as a foundation for building stronger communities and effectuating social change.

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