there is no one in this world more uniquely qualified to be you than you — true story!

cherish YOUR stories friends.  delight in their spectrum, their complexity.  relish their simple moments of peace.  indulge your inner goddess as you re-re-re-commit to meditation.  shake your tail feather as you re-re-re-live your co-ed days and act 20 on your 40th.  kiss your kids sweetly, kiss your lovers slowly.  feel no shame that the universe gave you two hands – one for kombucha and the other for wine.  cast fear aside most days and be with it and learn to love it on the days when the monsters seem bigger.  that ubiquitous ‘leap of faith’?  TAKE IT!  take two! if leaping isn’t your style, sprint, sashay, swagger or skip-to-my-lou to your faith – whatever it takes.  why limit yourself?

grounding in our uniqueness means grounding in love of self first.  the more rooted we find ourselves in our unique truth, the more we can learn to love all those voices inside our heads equally.  the more we cast aside fears and expectations of others, the more freedom we have to be who WE are and live OUR purpose – no one else’s.

it is that deep commitment to our unique truth that is the colorful thread of your story.  the stronger, more integral and textured that thread, the stronger, more integral and brighter is the tapestry of our collective truth.

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