dream. evolve. breathe.

“there is no one more uniquely qualified to be you than you – true story!”
~nicole hagg

i believe passionately that yoga is for E V E R Y O N E. plain and simple. when yoga becomes exclusive, elitist or intimidating, it’s no longer yoga. om-ing is not mandatory. you need not breathe into your third eye, particularly if you can’t find it. laughter is not only NOT prohibited, but encouraged in my classes. laughter, after all, is a deep visceral expression of who we are in a moment. the concept of yoga rêve-volution celebrates and honors who YOU are in each moment; the good ones and the ones that could land you on the 6 o’clock news (theoretically, of course). come as you are — and that means ALL of you — not just the part that can do crow without bonking your head.

no judgment. only love.  and maybe a few stories… 


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